Woods Lake

Students from Merlo Institute traveled to the El Dorado National Forest to do some Community Service trail work.

Some relaxation on Friday before the work day.

And some after dinner conversation.

First a  short rest after a mile hike to the work site,

and some short instructions from Ranger Sean.

All we have to do is take out these little rocks.

A few more swings ought to get it.

That little rock isn't so little after all.

Maybe a little break. Then lets go cut a tree down.....

Yea, this one will do nicely.

There, now to cut off the branches.

And now, to get it back to the work site.


OK Catch your breath and back to those rocks.

That rocks hecka big.

Some said we couldn't get it out of there.

But we had teamwork going on.

And its done.

Now just to fill in the hole.